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The Launch

Alameda, CA
BG of Energy Industry

This project is an apartment building consisting of 360 multifamily dwelling units and 416 off-street parking spots in an off-site Type I construction parking garage. There will be an on-site leasing office for management of residents and future residents, four (4) interior courtyards with pool, spa, dog runs, kitchenettes, fire pits and lounge seating. The project is a part of the Alameda master plan.

The residential building area is 489,099 sf comprised of 5 floors. The first floor is 74,495-square-feet and additional floors range from 39,717 sf to 89,210 sf. The project is slab on grade and consists of a structural steel residential building with wood framing for the walls and roof with tie down anchors, and a garage consisting of concrete columns and steel decks.

The first phase of the project will require excavating, grading and underground improvements for utilities, storm drains and bioretention inlets. Vertical construction will begin with placing footings and sump pumps for elevator pits for both the residential and garage structures and setting and pouring of a reinforced concrete slab. The garage will consist of pouring columns and setting five stories of steel decks. The residential building will entail the setting of structural steel for the building shell and three (3) phases of wood framing for floors, walls and roofing that require setting trusses and sheath, constructing loft framing utilizing tie down anchors and finally constructing platforms by placing rippers and sheathing.

Twining is providing the following services on this project:

  • Structural steel fabrication plant welding inspection and Material ID
  • Inspection of structural steel fit up and any associated field welding
  • Steel reinforcing inspection
  • Structural concrete inspection and field testing
  • Firestopping inspection
  • High-strength bolting inspection
  • Epoxy/mechanical post installed anchor bolt installation
  • Associated laboratory tests

Pacific Development
Services Provided
Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories