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Sharp Chula Vista Ocean View Tower

Chula Vista, CA
BG of Energy Industry

Sharp Chula Vista cares for more than 90,000 patients every year and has the highest per capital occupancy of any hospital in San Diego County. With the completion of this new tower, Sharp HealthCare has invested $300 million since 2012 in new health care facilities to better serve the people of the South Bay.

The new Hospital Tower at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center is the first new Sharp hospital in San Diego’s South Bay in more than 40 years (the current hospital at Sharp Chula Vista opened in May 1975). The new Hospital Tower has a 36-month construction schedule from groundbreaking in November 2016 to move-in in September 2019.

The tower includes seven stories which features a 97,000 square foot hospital, and 138 private patient rooms designed with safety and privacy in mind, as well as a pharmacy, loading docks, a morgue, 6 operating rooms, 10 ICU suites, medical-surgical patient rooms, central nurse stations, family waiting areas, a rooftop café, and indoor and outdoor dining with panoramic ocean views.

Twining provided consulting services for all quality assurance inspections, and material services for this HCAI Tower. Services included shop inspections in Herrick Steel, reinforced concrete, structural steel and bolting, firestopping, and fireproofing inspections.

Sharp Healthcare Facilities Management & Development
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