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SDSU, Don Powell Renovation & Second Stage Theater

San Diego, CA
BG of Energy Industry

San Diego State University is renovating its collection of campus performing arts centers. These projects have multiple components that are being completed simultaneously. The first component includes the renovation of the campus’s 450-seet Main Stage. When complete, the Main Stage will have improved sightlines, provide inclusive access, upgraded seating, and state-of-the-art acoustic finishes. The second component is the Second Stage Theater, a new 150-seat theater that will be utilized for performances as well as instruction. The performance area will offer a unique indoor-outdoor stage, allowing versatility for all types of performances. The third component to this project is the amenities pavilion which features ticketing and concessions and will services all venues in this upgraded performing arts district. Our team is currently providing materials testing and inspection services on all three components of this project. Our scope of work includes the testing and inspection of concrete, masonry, and structural steel. Our inspection of the structural steel elements includes field and shop inspection, which is required by code.

San Diego State University
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