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Scripps Health, Cardiovascular Institute and Energy Plant

San Diego, CA
BG of Energy Industry

We are providing rain event monitoring, reporting and sample and analysis for Scripps Health, a risk level 2 project encompassing 10 acres located in San Diego. We are responsible for the following: Pre-Rain and REAP Inspection: Our staff walks the project with the General Contractor two days prior to a NOAA forecasted 50%, or greater, chance of precipitation. This inspection provides the contractor with potential sampling locations, develops a plan for the amount of predicted precipitation, and provides a list of additional BMPs that will need to be deployed prior to the rain event. We also observe the typography of the site in its’ current state, and strategically place BMPs for the most effective protection.

During Rain Inspection: Our staff inspect the site for areas of discharge, potential non-visible pollutants, BMP effectiveness, monitor the rain gage, take three field samples per discharge location, and complete field analysis for turbidity and pH. Our staff meets with the contractor to address any compliance issues, take additional samples, or implement additional BMPs. If samples exceed the California Construction General Permit NAL standards, we identify the problem area and rectify it on the spot, and provide a solution moving forward. If the samples cannot be brought to NAL standards, we complete the necessary paperwork for the NAL exceedance. Post Rain Inspection: If half an inch of rain is produced, a Post Rain Event Inspection will be conducted.

Our staff will walk the project and identify BMP effectiveness, as well as any maintenance and repairs that may be needed.

Services Provided
Stormwater Inspection