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One Paseo

San Diego, CA
BG of Energy Industry

The One Paseo project consisted of the construction of 10 retail buildings which have a typical shallow foundation system, 5-inch cast-in-place concrete slab on-grade with wood framing, high strength steel columns and miscellaneous steel framing.

The project included two office structures (one six stories and the other three stories), which are structural steel buildings with cast-in-place concrete on metal decking. The retail parking structure is a three level post-tensioned concrete structure supported by concrete footings, columns, grade beams and a 5-inch slab on-grade. The structure has concrete moment frames for lateral resistance and masonry walls from the first through third floors.

The residential buildings house more than 600 residential units above a two-level podium structure. The residential structures are both Type I-A and III-A construction types totaling over 1.2 million square feet. The podium parking is surrounded by a permanent shoring wall with wood lagging, tiebacks and shotcrete.

Twining provided all deputy inspections and materials testing for this iconic project. Our team worked hand in hand with Whiting-Turner’s team in coordinating to meet such a high paced schedule with multiple facets of construction happening simultaneously.

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