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Risk Management is a Client Benefit

May 24, 2024

Every construction project on which Twining is engaged involves a degree of risk. This risk is spread among all the participants in the project, whether actively performing construction services or passively investing in the development. Examples of project risks include injury to workers at the construction site, damage to partially-constructed improvements by hazards such as fire or flood, and, for privately-funded projects, the uncertainty of whether the completed project will provide an acceptable rate of return to its investors.

Twining proactively manages risk for the benefit of our clients. This risk management begins at the proposal stage with a careful examination of project requirements and a tailoring of our services to fit those requirements.  With 119 years of industry experience, we have a thorough understanding of what it takes to complete our clients’ projects on time and within budget. Additionally, each project is overseen by a seasoned professional who maintains the highest level of license in his or her field, allowing Twining to recommend design changes and construction techniques that improve project efficiencies and reduce client risk.

As an added benefit, several of Twining’s managers have been qualified in California courts to function as expert witnesses in construction defect litigation matters. This experience keeps Twining at the forefront of evolving industry practices.  We leverage this experience by understanding the industry standard of care, by exceeding this standard where possible, and by informing our clients of pitfalls that have affected comparable projects in which disputes have led to lawsuits.

On the project site, Twining maintains an aggressive safety training program aimed at preventing accidents that may adversely affect construction personnel and activities. In addition to enforcing strict company safety practices, our employees are aided by a dedicated safety officer, by a safety ambassadors committee, and by field safety supervisors. All of these individuals collaborate with our clients to plan and implement safety procedures including lessons-learned training and project-specific protective measures in order to foster a safe work environment on our project sites.

To provide our clients additional protection against unforeseen liabilities, Twining carries comprehensive insurance coverages that relate to our operations. These coverages are coupled with thorough review of each project’s contractual requirements to ensure that our clients are protected from financial risks introduced by our operations.

Twining’s dedication to risk management is unparalleled within the industry. Our combination of risk recognition, hazard mitigation, and liability protection provides superb value to our clients. Please contact us to see how our experience and capabilities can enhance the success of your next project!

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