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Checking In – Our Sacramento Office

May 24, 2024

Twining has 5 offices throughout the state of California. We’ll be checking in with each of our branches through out the year to see what they are up to! This month we are visiting our northernmost office, in Sacramento!

Like baseball, Northern California is gearing up for a exciting season. The Sacramento branch has made big movement in 2014 and we expect the momentum to continue well into 2015. According to reports, construction in the region is at its highest level in seven years. In the last year, we have ascertained our local presence and continue to swoop up the abundance of work opportunities. The upward trend and immediate increase in business has created a need for new hires. We are pleased to boost the local economy by keeping more people busy and intend to hire more individuals still. We’ve recently hired 3 new technicians, bringing us to a total staff of twelve (12), a strong bullpen, if you will.

The many birthdays we’ve celebrated this year have given us an opportunity to do some strong team building. We’ve fashioned a tradition of ordering lunch, bringing in a cake, going out for tepanyaki, BBQ’ing, and having chili cook-offs when we get rained out. We often show up on each other’s job sites for extra training, giving us a chance to connect what’s happening in the field, chit chat with clients, and support each other on various assignments.

We’ve shaped a culture of appreciation among our diverse group of talents at the Sacramento branch office. The individual’s commitment to the group effort is what brings us success and we are grateful for each person that brings their sense of commitment to the office each day. Steve Stone once said, “this game is won 90 feet at a time,” so we’re proud of all our successes that simply keep adding up.

Our Sacramento Office
Happy Birthday Mariel!

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