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Paul C. Soltis, PE, GE

Vice President, Geotechnical Operations

Paul C. Soltis, PE, GE, is a California Registered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer with over 30 years of total experience. Paul oversees Twining’s geotechnical division. His experience includes geotechnical investigations and analyses relative to the development of high-rise buildings, mixed-use facilities, DSA- and HCAI-permitted buildings, and other essential facilities. Paul’s experience includes assuming the role as Geotechnical Engineer of Record during the construction phase of numerous high-profile projects throughout Southern California. He has extensive experience working under the jurisdiction of the City of LA Department of Building and Safety, County of Los Angeles GMED, DSA, and HCAI. Paul is responsible for the technical oversight of Twining’s geotechnical engineering projects and management of the firm’s geotechnical personnel.

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