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Ventura County Medical Center, Hospital Replacement Wing

Ventura, CA
BG of Energy Industry

Due to seismic concerns regarding the existing acute care facility, this project served as a state-of-the-art replacement facility, that meets the state’s seismic safety requirements. The 232,000-square-foot replacement wing not only meet seismic requirements, but it also improves patient care and quality standards through technological and clinical advancements. The plans included modern patient rooms; a larger emergency room; larger operating rooms; and other features that better served the community and employees. The project also included relocating the existing steam plant operations into the new building, partial demolition of the existing facilities, and renovation of the existing facilities that were not demolished. The hospital remained fully functional throughout the duration of the project.

Twining provided materials testing and special inspection services. We inspected concrete, soils, masonry, rebar, roofing, and steel. Twining provided a special inspector project manager who was onsite for the duration of the project. Jeff Tawakoli served as project manager on this project.

County of Ventura, Department of Public Works
Services Provided
Geotechnical Engineering
Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories