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Terraces at Copley Point

San Diego, CA
BG of Energy Industry

Located atop a mesa above San Clemente Canyon, the Terraces at Copley Point is a corporate office development, consisting of two 6-story buildings with an office plaza and parking structure. The large office plaza, over 55,00 square feet in area, includes two unique stone water features, and many stone clad low walls provide many opportunities for people to sit, converse, dine, and rest in the shade, as well as plenty of outdoor space for larger company functions and festivities. Various aspects of the California native landscape in the neighboring canyons are incorporated into the plaza and site design, such as rolling grass knolls accented with oaks and sycamores. Amenities for outdoor activities also surround the buildings, including a basketball court, a putting green, and an exercise path. The site is located adjacent to the intersection of Interstate 805 and Highway 52, serving as a crossroads landmark.Twining provided material testing services and special inspections of concrete, steel welding, bolting and fireproofing for this project. Twining also provided material testing and inspection services for the four-level parking structure, which boasts reinforced concrete, structural steel, reinforced masonry, and is supported by a system of conventional shallow foundations.

Sudberry Properties
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Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories