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Seaside Way Pedestrian Bridge

Long Beach, CA
BG of Energy Industry

The Seaside Way Pedestrian Bridge mimics a breaking wave in design and is illuminated by thousands of customizable LED lights, with nearly 100 downlights and landscaping lights, and an
additional 70 LEDs along the underbelly of the structure. The elevated bridge carries pedestrians east above Seaside Way to the Terrace Plaza, significantly reducing the walking time between locations. Its lighted canopy produces a starry sky effect with custom lighting capabilities.

Twining provided a pre-construction structural survey, as well as vibration monitoring for the new pedestrian bridge on Seaside Way. The work plan consisted of drilling seven-foot diameter,
cast-in-drilled-hole shafts for the columns supporting the bridge structure. Due to the proximity to city properties, the drilling operation required monitoring of vibration-producing activities. Twining prepared a comprehensive vibration monitoring plan, ensuring that the established threshold values provided a safe vibration level for the adjacent buildings.

Services Provided
Vibration and Geo-Instrumentation