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LA County Sanitation District, On-Call Services

Los Angeles County, CA
BG of Energy Industry

The Los Angeles County Sanitation District (LACSD) works to convert waste into resources like recycled water, energy, and recycled materials. It has 24 independent special districts and serves over 5.5 million people throughout Los Angeles County.

Twining currently holds an as-needed services contract with LACSD, providing the following materials testing and inspection services:

Construction Inspection:

  • Earthwork; reinforced concrete; structural steel; masonry; process and sewer pipe installation and rehabilitation; coatings installation; equipment (pumps, HVAC systems, electrical equipment, etc.) installation and testing; electrical work; control systems; finish work and other.

Special Inspection and Materials Sampling & Testing:

  • Concrete: Sampling of concrete for testing of strength, temperature, slump, unit weight, air entrainment and shrinkage
  • Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete: Lab Testing of samples for strength, temperature, slump, unit weight, air entrainment and shrinkage
  • Reinforcing Steel: Inspection of welding of reinforcing bars and mechanical splices or couplers
  • Concrete Anchors: Inspection of the installation of cast in place and post installed anchors, including epoxy anchors. Pull testing of anchors
  • Structural Steel: Inspection of structural steel, welding, weld filler materials, high-strength bolts and bolting procedures, installation of steel decking and headed studs, and fireproofing. Weld testing, including non-destructive x-ray, ultrasonic and dye penetrant testing
  • Masonry: Inspection of all elements of masonry construction including verification of mortar proportioning, mortar joints, reinforcing steel, grout placement, structural elements and anchor bolts, and preparation of grout and mortar samples for testing. Testing of strength and other tests of grout and mortar samples
  • PVC Liner and Coatings Installation: Inspection & testing of PVC liner testing including testing liner weld joints, spark testing and verifying liner repairs performed by inspectors with the appropriate manufacturer’s certifications. Inspection and testing of concrete coatings.
  • Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) and Manhole Liner Installation: Inspection of installation and testing of installed liner systems

Since holding this as-needed services contract, Twining has successfully performed these services on over forty projects with the District.

Services Provided
Geotechnical Engineering
Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories