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HOAG, Ancillary Emergency Building

Newport Beach, CA
BG of Energy Industry

Twining was tasked with developing the materials testing program and providing a condition assessment for this project. Our scope of services consisted of:

Materials Testing Program:

  • Performing GPR to locate reinforcing steel prior to core drilling and coupon extraction
  • Providing a Project Engineer to oversee the sampling, documentation and custody of concrete samples and steel coupons
  • Extracting cores for compressive strength, density, and modulus of elasticity per ASTM C39, C42, C469
  • Extracting cores for compressive to be use as a control core to determine the 40% of the ultimate strength prior to testing for MOE
  • Extracting steel coupons for Yield/Tensile Strength2 and Chemical Analysis3
  • Extracting cores for splitting tensile strength
  • Extracting web coupon at select locations for Yield/Tensile and Chemical Analysis

Condition Assessment:

  • Provide visual verification of existing building components per Exhibit A: “Condition Assessment Criteria” and Section 4.1 “Condition Assessments of Concrete Elements”

Project Engineer/oversight of sampling, documentation and custody of concrete samples and steel coupons.

Services Provided
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