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City of Sacramento, Groundwater Flush to Waste Improvements

Sacramento, CA
BG of Energy Industry

This nearly $5 million project provides well upgrade improvements including:

  • Installing new automated chemical dosing and water quality analyzer systems,
  • motor operated valving,
  • 6-inch to 10-inch diameter discharge piping fabrication and installation,
  • surface restoration and paving,
  • switchgear relocation and installation,
  • pump and motor replacement with new adjustable frequency drive (AFD),
  • electrical upgrades,
  • perimeter fencing installation,
  • existing CMU building modifications and roofing installation,
  • and wellhead rotation and rebuild modifications.

Additionally, the project also includes removing and replacing water mains and connecting to the existing distribution system as indicated on the Plans. There will also be new storm drain improvements which include the removal and/or abandonment of existing storm drain facilities, construction of new storm drain piping, inlets, manholes, radar probe equipment and associated conduit. Lastly, sewer improvements are being performed that include installing new service laterals, cleanouts, flusher branches, and connecting to the existing sewer collection system.

Twining currently holds an on-call contract with the City of Sacramento and was tasked to provide materials testing and inspection on this project. For the Groundwater Flush to Waste Improvements projects, we are providing the testing and inspection services:

On-Site Inspection of Well Site Upgrade Improvements (including demolition, removal, and installation)

Materials Testing including:

  • Earthwork (Soils): Subgrade, Trench/Structure Backfill Testing
  • Aggregate Base
  • Concrete
  • Mortar/Grout and Concrete Unit Masonry
  • Hot Mix Asphalt

City of Sacramento
Services Provided
Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories