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California Science Center Ph III – Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center

Los Angelas, CA
BG of Energy Industry

This project involves the construction of a permanent exhibit of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in Exposition Park, near downtown Los Angeles. The exhibit structure is comprised of 205,000-square-foot of new construction. There are two primary program components to the project: the Air Gallery and the Shuttle Hall, along with related demolition, site preparation and site improvements.

Air Gallery: Gallery This portion of the project is comprised of 3-levels above grade and a partial basement level. The structure is reinforced concrete framed and founded on concrete piles with pile caps and spread footings. The facility wall house aircraft and aviation exhibits, including the forward section of a Boeing 747.

Shuttle Hall: This is the eastern-most portion of the new Phase III building. The floor of the Shuttle Hall is 25 feet below grade, founded on concrete piles and the superstructure is framed with a structural steel diagrid, clad in a gracefully curved stainless-steel panel façade. The Shuttle Hall roof will be 192 feet above grade. Once complete, the Space Shuttle Endeavour will be displayed in the Shuttle Gallery in a vertical, ready to launch position and “stacked” with its external fuel tank and pair of solid rocket boosters. The Shuttle stack will sit on an 1,800-ton concrete pad supported by six friction pendulum base isolation bearings to isolate and protect the shuttle during seismic events. The majority of the Shuttle Gallery is free standing, with no obstructions other than the replica launch gantry on the north side.

Construction of phase III began in mid-February 2022 with abatement work in existing structures to be demolished. Following abatement, the General Contractor will mobilize onsite, commence demolition work and continue with shoring, excavation, and construction work through a planned completion in January 2025.

Twining is providing the following special inspection and materials testing services:

  • Concrete: Testing and inspection of reinforced concrete and shotcrete, grading of shotcrete cores, pull test equipment
  • Metal: Shop fabrication inspection/observation of structural steel, non-destructive testing. Field inspection/observation of structural steel, non-destructive testing.
  • Fireproofing
California Science Center Foundation
Services Provided
Geotechnical Engineering
Materials Testing Laboratories