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Twining Celebrates 125 Years

May 24, 2024

Today we are announcing that we are celebrating 125 years as a company. This achievement underscores the company’s integral role in California construction. This significant milestone will be celebrated all year with both clients and employees, culminating with a celebration in October at their flagship laboratory.

“We could not be prouder of the legacy we have cultivated throughout this long tenure.” Robert M. Ryan, owner and CEO, said. “While we have evolved from a small lab in Fresno, California to a company with over 300 employees, servicing projects nationwide, we have committed to staying a family business with a reputation for quality and integrity.” Rob Ryan assumed the role of CEO in 2021, when Chairman Emeritus Edward M. Twining retired. Through Rob and Edward’s leadership, the company has continued to be a leading provider of multi-disciplinary engineering services, persevering through economic recessions and an unprecedented global pandemic.

“That we are still standing after 125 years is a testament to our clients and to our employees, many of whom have worked for or with us for decades. We recognize that the honor of turning 125 is due to them, and we look forward to celebrating this achievement with them in October.” said Rob. “As we look to the next 125 years, we aim to use our legacy to find more and better ways to serve our varied stakeholders.”

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