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Thinking Career Moves? Think Twining!

May 24, 2024

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry boasts a myriad of professional opportunities across multiple disciplines. Looking down a freshly paved interstate highway or craning your neck upwards at the peak of a skyscraper, it becomes apparent that these projects are a result of many great minds collaborating to make it all happen.

We know that today’s job-seeker has many choices within this dynamic industry. Here are the top reasons to think Twining when you are thinking of a career move.

Surround yourself with the best of the best  From materials engineers to sales and marketing professionals, we employ a team of industry experts who are extremely knowledgeable about both the methodologies and the real-world applications of what we do. We are unique in that our team is full of professionals that are called upon by governing agencies such as Caltrans and Division of State Architect to help create new or regulate existing specifications, thus giving us an active role in shaping our industry.

Our unmatched team also ensures that we are routinely selected for the most high-profile and talked-about construction projects. Not everyone can say their team was a part of the record breaking, 20 hour and 84 million pound concrete pour at the Wilshire Grand, nor can they boast their organization’s role of forensic investigators, providing trusted consultancy to Caltrans for construction on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Take your career to the next level  We have a place for you whether you are in a senior level role or just starting out in your career. With such a diverse organization, our opportunity for talent in new and different areas is nearly constant, giving opportunities to recent college graduates, mid-level management, and even director level roles.

Once on board, we welcome our talent to expand their role and contribution to the company by promoting from within any chance we get. In fact, our newest Vice President started at Twining as a staff engineer!

Be a part of a growing, thriving team  Twining has been setting standards for more than 100 years. Since 1898, we have offered a stable and reputable workplace for like-minded professionals to cultivate ideas that shape our industry. With steady growth from the time of our inception, it has become clear that Twining isn’t going anywhere. We recently opened our seventh office in Concord, California in preparation for regional expansion.

Our hard work truly pays off. And we don’t just work hard, we play hard, too. Relax a bit at our Fourth of July BBQ and share laughs and cheer at our annual holiday celebration. You could even win the quarterly Award of Excellency and be gifted with $100 and a paid day off! Come be a part of a team that celebrates serious success with rewarding recreation.

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