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Growing a Service Line

May 24, 2024

Since the start of 2016, one of the main points of focus for Twining has been to expand our Stormwater Service Line. From both an environmental and business standpoint, we feel that stormwater services will only become more important moving forward.

Based on our industry connections and reputation, we felt a renewed focus on stormwater would result in immediate results. While we’ve had success, we’ve found that our reputation doesn’t carry much water (pardon the pun) when it comes to projects that don’t involve materials testing, inspection, or engineering.

This puts us in a unique position, as we’ve essentially become a startup. Something Twining hasn’t been since 1898.

So  how do you grow or revamp a service line? Focus on credibility.

You do that?

It’s difficult to change an established perception of a company, so we have to prove that we can bring the same level of service to our clients for Stormwater as we do for materials testing and inspection, and engineering.

The largest hurdle we’ve faced is our reputation as a leader in the materials testing and inspection industry. More often than not people know who we are, just not as a stormwater company. To combat this, we’ve shifted our focus to educating our clients on new stormwater requirements that affect their projects, efficiencies we provide that can lower overall project costs, the benefits of being part of Twining, and the synergy with our other service lines.

Building Credibility

The best way to accomplish is by by sharing insight and information on our blog, with the goal of establishing Twining Stormwater as a consistent resource in the industry, and become a soundboard for our clients. In our coming blogs, you will see a several featuring stormwater, and our experts insights on the industry.

As Kimron Corion states in the article 3 Ways To Build Instant Credibility For Your Brand “When people know they can come to you for insightful information without you trying to always sell them something, it becomes easier to sell them something1.”

Moving Forward

Once you have designated yourself as a leader in a service line, focused marketing plans will become a breeze. Your message will be able to grow as the service area does.

Once we’ve established ourselves as thought leaders, we will shift our marketing focus to the service provided by our stormwater team. Actually being good at what you do is the easiest way to market a service, so we’ll emphasize client testimonials, references, and examples of successful projects. That will give us a strong, credible marketing messaging that will continue to grow as our experience does.

As I stated earlier, acting like a start up for the first time in 118 years is uncharted territory for us, but as we work to prove that we are a credible resource, you can expect to hear more from Twining Stormwater.

Adam Friio has more than eight years working in marketing positions in the construction, architectural, and oil and gas industries. Adam has spearheaded Twining’s marketing plan for Twining Stormwater, and currently acts as Twining’s Marketing and Proposal Manager. A native of Canada, Adam is an avid sports fan, currently winning the office Bracket Challenge, or so he claims. Now if he could only find his bracket to prove it…

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