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DRP Consulting, Inc. Joins Twining

May 24, 2024

We are excited to announce that DRP Consulting, Inc. was acquired by Twining, Inc. The new company is TI DRP, LLC, doing business as DRP, a Twining Company.

This enterprise marks an incredible opportunity for DRP and our clients. Twining is the established leader in construction testing services in California, with an impressive range of services, expertise and personnel. Teaming with the Twining Group will allow us to develop a wider range of testing capabilities and expertise and provide even higher levels of service to our customers.

2017 marks the start of our twenty-first year. While we have been courted in the past as potential partners, we never considered such offers seriously until we began a conversation with Twining last year. Their history strikes a chord. Twining, Inc. began as a family business in California more than a century ago (1898!) and have been a central part of some of the most significant construction projects in this dynamic state for more than 100 years.  Even more impressively, Twining is not content to simply rest on this profound history. Instead, they continually push at the forefront of the industry, refining existing strengths and services and developing new capabilities and expertise. This is exactly the kind of organization that we wanted to align with. To learn more about Twining, Inc. go to

The opportunity to serve new clients in California is another attraction to partnering with Twining. After graduating from UCLA, David staked his claim in the Mohave Desert, exploring for potential cement and aggregate resources (the salad days…). He then spent several years working on the “sulfate wars” that plagued residential construction in California in the late 1990s and 2000s. Although based in Colorado, we’ve continued to work on projects in California on a topics that include problems with slab surface defects and durability issues such as alkali-silica reaction, sulfate attack, salt attack, corrosion, marine attack and other types of chemical attack.

Our web presence will remain at Stay tuned for more posts as we share the latest developments at DRP, a Twining Company.

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