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Cross-hole Sonic Logging

May 24, 2024

Twining now provides structural integrity testing for piles by means of Cross-hole Sonic Logging (CSL). CSL is one of the most common forms of nondestructive testing methods for deep foundation testing. In order to assist owners and contractors, Twining’s professionals can provide testing and comprehensive engineering analysis to determine the quality and consistency of concrete drilled shafts, CIDH Piles, Slurry Walls, and other types of deep concrete foundations. Benefits of CSL include:

  • Evaluates integrity and relative concrete quality and consistency of drilled shafts and other cast-in-place concrete structures
  • Identifies location of potential shaft anomalies
  • Performs real-time analysis on site, as well as data collections for additional engineering analysis

Additional advantages of using this test method are as follow:

  • Not limited by L/D ratio
  • Check concrete inside cage by depth and quadrant
  • Installed tubes motivate better construction practices
  • Tomography available

CSL is standardized by ASTM D6760, which is the standard test method for integrity testing of concrete deep foundations by ultrasonic cross-hole testing.

Twining uses the state-of-the-art equipment which meets or exceeds the specifications of ASTM D6760 and several other cross-hole sonic logging codes and standards.

While about 20% of shafts have major defects, Twining is proud to provide structural integrity testing for deep foundations and assist the owners and contractors to reduce the risks of structural failure in the future.

Integrity Assessment of Deep Foundations

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